Nothing can escape the beady eye of an experienced software tester

FPQA Localisation Testing at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE)

During my employment with SCEE, I worked as a German Localisation Tester on a number of games together with a team of expedient language testers.

In my daily routine of getting hold and keeping track of language-related game defects, I have gained profound working expertise with numerous bug tracking databases as well as Microsoft Office and the email client Lotus Notes.

Game titles that I made a contribution to:

Quality Assurance Tester (German) at Keywords Studios

The daily hunt for language bugs allowed me, even after years in the business, to refine my language skills in both English and German and to hone my consciousness for detail to near-perfection.

Further titles that I made a contribution to:

Further, I worked on the following titles:

My services included:

  • systematic analysis and correction of text files prior to implementation in-game
  • efficient and targeted game testing in accordance with test scripts
  • identification and tracking of language-related game defects
  • providing corrections and translations
  • high-pressure work towards tight deadlines